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Events and Workshops

In addition to cohorts that meet weekly over a semester, we offer stand-alone events and workshops. These smaller-commitment offerings allow students who cannot commit to weekly meetings to experience coaching and develop coaching skills.

Use our Open Conversation Series to start exploring a topic relevant to graduate student life, such as prioritization, careers, and planning. Hone your coaching mindset at the Coaching Skills workshop. 

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Upcoming Events

January 22-24, 2024

Coaching Skills for Engineers

Back by popular demand, we are offering our 3 session workshop this IAP. Don’t miss this chance to integrate coaching skills into your toolkit for success.

Open to all grad students


Based on asking open questions and keeping a curious mindset, coaching provides a practical framework for collaboration, mentoring, and communication. 

Over 3 sessions, this hands-on workshop will introduce you to the coaching mindset, reflective brainstorming, and strategies for adopting the coaching approach into your life. 

Come learn how to use the coaching approach to nurture meaningful relationships, develop creative solutions, and foster effective teamwork!


Past Events

September 11, 2023

Open Conversation Series: Plan Your Year

July 10-12, 2023

Coaching Skills for Engineers

April 18, 2023

Open Conversation Series: Metrics of Success

March 8, 2023

Open Conversation Series: Career Paths

Apri 18, 2023

Open Conversation Series: Protect Your Priorities

November 28, 2022

Conquer December

May 19, 2022

End of Semester Waffles

(Joint with MechE ENGAGE and REFS)

January 11-27, 2022

IAP Thesis Proposal Workshop

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