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Group Coaching

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Collaborative Process for Your Development with Group Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Take the Initiative to Succeed as a Graduate Student, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Participants in the group coaching program gain the insight and awareness they need to navigate their academic journey. Joining a group coaching cohort provides graduate students a safe and supportive space to explore their individual challenges. Participants also learn invaluable coaching skills that will carry through their entire professional and personal lives.

What Is Group Coaching?

Is coaching confidential?

Yes.  We abide by 4 core cohort guidelines: confidentiality, authenticity, presence, and respect. This is the key to cohorts developing the trust necessary for growth.

Will coaching make me more productive/motivated?

Through coaching, you will explore and learn what is holding you back and find what motivates you. You will then develop actionable steps to develop the habits necessary to gain forward momentum.

Will coaching help me be confident?

The reflective nature of the coaching process enables participants to discover and articulate what they need to be successful.

Will coaching help me define my post-MIT career plans?

You can use coaching to define the ideal vision of your post-MIT career, develop prototypes for options within this vision and develop an action plan to explore what you need to do to achieve your post-MIT career goals.

Is coaching therapy?

No. The coaching paradigm is that we believe that coaching clients (you!) are whole and capable individuals. You are the subject matter expert on yourself and able to determine your best course of action. As your coaches, we walk alongside you on your path, working with you to enable you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Coaching is for anyone looking to grow and develop further. To be “right” for coaching, you need to be willing to openly reflect on want you want to do and how you might achieve it.

1. I want to further develop my productivity.
  • You’ve tried a lot of different “productivity systems” and nothing seems to be quite right.
  • You hear yourself thinking “I should be able to get more done”.
  • People seem to want more from you than you feel you can do in a given day.
2. I want to develop my voice as a graduate student.
  • You’re hesitant to speak up in public venues (seminars, classes, conferences).
  • You feel unheard in research meetings.
3. I want to thrive while finishing my degree.
  • You feel stuck and unmotivated and that’s not who you were when you arrived at MIT.
  • You lack motivation or are working madly but not going anywhere.
  • You see others thriving and wish you were too.
4. I want to be able set goals for my research.
  • You want to be able to set and achieve SMART goals for your research.
  • You feel you’ve lost ownership of your academic path.
  • You’d like to know where the finish line is.
5. I want to engage a community of peers.
  • Pandemic aside, I feel isolated in my academic journey.
  • My advisor doesn’t understand my perspective and I want to hear other viewpoints.
  • I’d like something more than being told what to do.

Our Approach

We form small cohorts based on members’ stated overall semester goals and availability.  Cohorts meet weekly for the semester where they learn coaching techniques and individuals receive coaching on their specific goals.

Weekly journal entries provide participants an opportunity to reflect on their personal goals and what they experienced and noticed within the session. Participants can opt to have asynchronous coaching from the group facilitator through their journals. 

Cohorts are provided a confidential SLACK channel to engage each other.


“Interacting with peers who are experiencing similar issues in a structured and guided environment with the help of an experienced coach was the most helpful aspect of the group coaching program”

– Anonymous Graduate Student

“The group coaching program gave me the tools and the space I needed to become a more productive researcher and student.”

– Anonymous Graduate Student

“It is a uniquely positive and growth-oriented experience, and something that is not easy to get from other opportunities within MIT or the MechE department.”

– Anonymous Graduate Student

How It Works


Sign Up

Cohorts form on a semester-by-semester basis. As part of the registration process, you will be asked your preferred weekly time slots and general goals.

Gain a Community

Meet your cohort and build trust using our core guidelines of confidentiality, authenticity, presence, and respect.

Reach Your Goals

Through the collaborative group coaching experience, you will come to understand your best path forward and develop actionable steps to reach your goals.

Still Have Questions?